Thanks to MK Manitas, I avoided flooding my neighbours who live one floor below because I was horrified when water started coming out from under the kitchen sink. It turned out that a pipe had burst and had to be replaced, and I had no idea how to do it. All the more reason to thank the MK Manitas staff for coming to see me so quickly and doing the necessary plumbing repair.


MK Manitas did a bathroom renovation in my house and they did the job perfectly. They did everything according to the design I gave them. The quality of the work was impeccable, they met the deadline and it was also very good value for money. I highly recommend them.


A reliable and trustworthy company. They carried out the painting of my small flat efficiently and very accurately. I have no complaints and I sincerely recommend their wall and ceiling painting services.


The wooden floor done in my house by MK Manitas is a real masterpiece 😉 When I ordered the job from them, I really didn’t think they could do it so perfectly, and I must admit that I cared a lot about quality and aesthetics. Therefore, I am very impressed, thank you and highly recommend the services of MK Manitas.


I commissioned MK Manitas to modernise the old electrical installation in my house. Already during the first contact, I had the impression that the gentlemen knew their job very well and they did not let me down. They carried out the electrical installation according to my specifications, on time and at a very good price. I am satisfied.


The kitchen renovation I entrusted to MK Manitas was definitely money well spent. The company’s staff is very friendly and, most importantly, they know their job and do it reliably. All the premises I gave them in the initial phase were fulfilled to the letter. In addition, I would like to thank them very much for advising me on several problematic issues.