In the wide range of renovation services we offer to our customers, electricity is an essential part of our range of services. We carry out various jobs in this area, such as the installation of lighting, sockets, but also the modernisation of electrical installations and many other specialised jobs.

Experience and know-how

Our renovation team consists of experienced and qualified electricians who take an individual approach to each job. In addition, during more than 10 years of activity not only in Spain, but especially in the UK and Poland, we have carried out countless electrical jobs.

Quality and punctuality

We always put our customers’ satisfaction first and it is no different when it comes to electrical services. We carry out all commissioned work with the utmost care and in a timely manner so that the electrical installation or its consumers work perfectly.

Competitive prices

When you decide to contract our services, you have the guarantee that all work will be carried out within the agreed time frame, but also at a very good price. We systematically follow the construction services sector, and the prices we offer for electrical services are competitive. We treat all our customers seriously and we always prepare a quotation for our services after knowing the scope of work to be performed, which is unalterable.

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